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                                                                        I write non-fiction related to dogs with Cool Gus Publishing.    

                                                                       Oscar, my dog inspired me when he was diagnosed with    

                                                                       severe epilepsy. I couldn’t take his condition away but I could

                                                                       give him the best life possible and help others.

                                                                       I used my journalism background to interview

                                                                       many family’s caring for special needs dog.

                                                                       “Caring for Your Special Needs Dog” is a book

                                                                       of hope and instruction from owners to owners.

                                                                       A percentage of the profits go to The Texas A&M Foundation

                                                                       to the benefit of the Neurology Section, Department of Small

                                                                       Animal Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinarian Medicine.

I’m currently working on a book of similar style only geared to help families with dogs and small children. I will discuss training and preparation techniques that I used while preparing our dog for the arrival of our daughter.

Praise for Markey:

“Natalie C. Markey writes with humor, compassion, and first-hand knowledge about disabled pets. Read her easy to use how-to tips and uplifting pet profiles in this common sense approach to keeping health-challenged pets happy. Parents especially will benefit from the spot-on kids-and-dogs advice, and the fur-kids will wag themselves silly with approval. I am a fan!”
—-Amy Shojai, CABC, author 23 pet care books including “Complete Care for Your Aging Dog” and “Complete Care for Your Aging Cat”